Being the leader in Indonesia's Aviation Services and Aircraft Management Operator, committed to Safety and Quality. Managed and operated by experienced personnel with world-class training, it is this professionalism, combined with exemplary levels of maintenance and focus heavily on safety that inspires complete confidence from our customer.


Premiair was first established as corporate aircraft operator in 1989 to cater for the needs of the corporation.


In 2006, Premiair is officially turned into professionally run air charter business for public with AOC license 135 to qualify as a non-scheduled air operator.


Aims to be a respected standard aviation service company and become the keydriver in the industry

  • Provide our customers with a fully integrated aviation solution, offering the highest quality of safety, service and reability.
  • Provide healthy working environment for the economic and social benefit to our employees.
  • Provide a position of respect and good.
  • standing of amongst our peers within the community it serves and operates.
  • To deliver and increase shareholder value.