Premiair Lounge - A private and Comfortable Space for You


Premiair Group

02 Feb 2019

For most people visiting who have visited airports usually says they find the “Airport Experience” to be upsetting, one way to escape the upsetting crowded sensation of airport is to have a private space where you can do the things you like to do comfortably without any interference. Whether its doing your work, enjoying your precious time with family, waiting for transit, or just playing your favorite games. If you are going to visit Halim Perdana Kusuma airport, we have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing our lounge, premiair VIP lounge, a private and exclusive lounge especially made to ensure every single user privacy and comfort, our lounge is designed to look classically elegant and in fact, it is one of the best looking lounge in the airport. The lounge is located strategically in the air side which gives you ease of access from aircraft since our lounge is only 3 meters away from the parking stand.

Our lounge have a limited capacity of only 25 people , this is to ensure maximum privacy to each user. Private meeting room for 7 people and private lounge for 10 people are available to be booked to support your every possible activity.  In order to compose a great experience, we provide various foods from small bites, international to local delicacies for you or you can pre-order your favorite meal to be served during your visit, Its all up to how do you like it to be.

Previous user of our lounge include varieties of people from Business owners, CEO to Diplomatic Guests.if you’re interested in using our lounge you can reserve a booking to , we operate 24 hours all day according to client requests. We are ready to give the best airport experience for you.